construkted Reality

Web Development


Tabletop RPG Interactive Campaign and World Map CRM

Monolith is a campaign tool that I've built for the Tabletop RPG group that I run. This software allows me to create multiple campaigns each with their own unique list of assigned players and world maps with points of interest. Players in the group can log into the software and view the campaigns in which they are currently involved. They are also able to create and manage their character data including leveling up, stat selection, and inventory management.

The Vault

Cloud Based Writing and Orginization App

The Vault is an online writing and organizational tool that allows users to create documents and other written works and assign them into categories. Authors can create custom categories for their works and assign them with a type and genre. All progress is saved automatically to the cloud, ensuring that no work can ever be lost.

Zen Mob Publishing

Publisher of Creative Fiction

A beautiful, fully responsive professional website designed for Zen Mob Publishing to showcase their brand and catalog of published works. The codebase is flexible and clean, and the backend provides the admin user with functionality to update and manage the catalog with a simple, easy to use interface.

Ganon Fodder

Gaming Blog and Progress Tracking Concept

This is a concept idea for a gaming blog and progress tracking system. The backend functionality allows for the creation of player profiles and allows for them to be assigned to games being currently played. The players can log in and update their progress individually per game, and even write blog articles associated with a particular game title. The system also allows for tracking if players are playing solo or co-op with one another.


Web-based Code and Text Editor [WORK IN PROGRESS]

construktED is a personal project of mine that aims to be a robust web based text and code editor featuring the ability to arrange up to four workspaces simultaneously, process SCSS and LESS to CSS, and vice versa. Currently the editor lacks most of these advanced features, but still serves faithfully as a text editor supporting a handful of languages and a host of themes included.

This project is still actively being developed and will be expanded upon in the future. You can read more about the editor HERE.

Complete Car Specs

Automotive Specs Database and Comparison Tool

Complete Car Specs was a collaboration between myself and a work colleague of mine. The client had an extensive data file of automotive specifications for various years, makes, and models. The site was created as an interface to sort and refine to the desired information and view it comparatively as a comparison tool. The site is fully responsive and was built on a small, robust php cms that allows the client the ability to manage copy and content without the need to explore or edit the codebase.